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मंगलवार, अगस्त 21

my love stories.....

hi  i am anupam choubey i am talking about raghav mishra and he is saying about his story-: when i was growing i used to play with girls no wonder in this because every boy wants to play with girls,some one complete their wish and other not.and i was some one because i complete my wish when i don't know about this wish i just got girls like god gift,so i never realise how difficult to find the girls,i don't know about the love what is love?
but when ever i  used to meet new girl i was in love with her because i used to forget evry thing when i was with girl............this thing was a love for me.
but believe me i had heart i have a heart and my love stories was continue untill i didn't meet a girl who was not easily foundable and she was not god gift she was my passion she was my destiny she was my love because as everyone i too had a love story and a true story but i was realy difficult and different........i was very happy before my love story i was very happy in my love story but i had a so much pain and i have so much pain in my older happy heart...............this is my friend's raghav real story ..............created by me anupam choubey......this is idea of love story and i inspired by my self because may be this is my story i inspired by somany lovers because may be this is their story.
i want to become a successfull writter and this story meant to me is like a first match of any cricketer
i am very serious about my love stories book...........and wants to write a novel its my dream.

anupam choubey

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